The Hazard Register


The Hazard Register

This video shows the hazard register in detail, showing how to add new hazards and alter agriculture type.



Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to a Zero Harm tutorial,

Today we will be looking at the Hazard Register. The Hazard register is made up of agriculture dependent hazards and general hazards.

Agriculture Dependent hazards will be automatically selected on site creation, Zero Harm will look at the type of site that you are and pre-list these hazards so you don’t have to worry about labelling them.

General Hazards will have to be selected by you, but include things such as weather, fire and power tools.

Begin by accessing your general hazards by logging into your account at and visiting the dashboard.

If you are yet to assign general hazards to the Hazard register you will be prompted here, you can either click directly on the notification to be taken there, Alternatively if you would like to make an amendment you can click “Hazard Registrar” from the left hand menu.

Please visit the “Hazard Register Page” to continue

If you have assigned an agriculture type to your site which is usually done on site creation, you will notice hazards will automatically be listed here. All hazards notified here will be described to contractors on induction.

The cattle hazard for example will display like this to contractors on induction and they will have to read and understand to log into your site.

General hazards are not serious harm hazards initially but it is important that all contractors understand the risk of these, these behave similarly to the agriculture dependant ones, in the sense that all contractors will have to read before induction.

We can create a general hazard by clicking the green “manage general hazards” button.

We have tried to make this as easy as possible, the process is simple. Check the general hazards which apply to your site.

Please notice that training is required to some of the hazards, it is important that any contractor or employee will have to have sufficient training before engaging in the activates.

Also note that depending on the hazard you will have to take steps to eliminate, isolate or minimise. These 3 gold words is the methodology required to control the hazard. These are indicated by either a E, I or M in the steps column

Click submit when you are happy with your selection.

Great, you have created your general hazards.

If you would like to amend this section you can do so by clicking the “manage general hazards” again,

If you would like to change the agriculture type of your siteyou can do this by clicking “Site Details” from the left hand column

Click Edit under Agricultures Check or uncheck any agriculture you would like to add or remove and click save

If you return to the hazard register you will notice that the agricultural dependant hazards have now been included.

You can also view you hazard register directly from the dashboard

If you would like any support on this, please contact us on directly on

As always, thanks for watching and have a great day.