Setting Your Site to Private / Public

Setting your site to private

Learn how to assign a New or Old site as private, allowing only people with invitations to visit.

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to a Zero Harm tutorial.

Today we’ll be looking at how to make your site private.

Making your site private can be useful to ensure only people you have invited in the people area can access and visit your site. Although private sites wont be ideal very everyone they can prevent your site, hazards and asset location being visible to strangers.

If you already have a site and would like to make it private you can do this by logging into Zero Harm and selecting the site from the left that you would like to make private.

Click settings.

Under Other settings on the right you will see the current site privacy of the site, to change it, simply click edit.

Here you will be able to edit both Agriculture types and Site Privacy, please remember that agriculture types will only be present if your site has been selected as a Farm. Select the site privacy to Private to make the sire private.
Your site is now private.

If you have multiple sites you can click on “My Sites” and it will be possible to see the status of each site – a padlock represents that the site is private.

If you are creating a new site, you can now select the privacy of the site, during site creation.

Simply click “Create new Site” and the type of site that you are creating

Although we have gone through site creation in a different video, please note that at the bottom of the creation window you are able to select the site privacy.

We recommend that everyone takes a bit of time to check through their current sites and ensure that you have the correct privacy selected.

Thanks for watching and have a great day.