Recording an Incident

Reporting Incidents

Zero Harm assists you in recording all site related incidents. If you’re confused whether an incident should also be reported, please relate to your region or country’s Health and Safety body. We have a detailed resource list to point you in the right direction that can be found here.


Video Transcript:

Hello and Welcome to a Zero Harm Turorial

To take advantage of the new features please log into your Zero Harm account as usual.

A new option has been included and “incidents” can be found on the left hand side. Click this now to take you there.

To create a new incident, click “New Incident”.

Zero Harm will automatically locate your site but you’ll have to zoom in and locate the position of where the incident occurred.

Unfortunately we need to report a small fire which happened in the wool shed due to a very hot summers day.

Fill out the details and create the incident….

This happened yesterday at around mid-day. I have modified the time stamp to show this.

As this was an unexpected fire it is also classified as a notifiable incident as it is an unplanned or uncontrolled incident. For more information regarding if your incident is notifiable, click on help me to decide and review the full Worksafe definitions.

In this situation I had to see a doctor about smoke which was inhaled when controlling the fire.

Select the person who was affected – in this case myself.

Please note that people can only be assigned to an incident if that person is associated with the site. This can include employees or people who’ve inducted or signed into the site. Select their name from the list to proceed and write an optional description about what happened.

In this case the incident is defined as a serious incident as I had to go to the doctors to get my lungs checked – click “help me decide” to find out if your injury is serious.
Because this is a serious incident it’s your legal responsibility to report it to Worksafe, if your incident was serious then you’ll be prompted to fill out the legal documentation associated with this incident.

Zero Harm has now created a secure log of your incident. It is important to log all incidents which happen on your site, regardless of if they need to be reported directly to Worksafe. Doing so establishes your site is taking appropriate measures to report incidents.

Returning to the incidents page we can see all incidents which have been created and weather they need to be reported to Worksafe – all incidents are saved in the cloud and can be accessed or shown to appropriate parties should the need arise.

Clicking details shows a comprehensive view of that incident and allows you to update or remove an incident.