Notify a Manager


Notifying aManager

This video shows of to notify a manager on a mobile or desktop



Video Transcript:

Hi contractors and farmers, Zero Harm Farm is pleased to announce a new notify feature.

As from today you can notify farm managers from your smart phone or desktop.

Simply log into your Zero Harm Farm account as usual and visit the farm you would like to notify by clicking registered farms
It’s good to mention that you can only notify a manager if you’re already inducted onto their place.

Click notify to alert the managers

Write a description explaining the incident.

If your using a mobile device, get your location instantly via clicking “Use Current Location”. Your GPS corodinates will be logged with the report. If this is your first time doing it, you may have to allow for your location to be sent, this should be a pop-up which will appear on your mobile screen.

Set the date and time of the incident, this should automatically take the current date and time, but you can manually override it should it be required,
Upload any content that you think would assist the manager.

Wait for the file to upload and hit send when ready.

Excellent, you have now submitted a notification to the manager.

Thanks for watching and have a great day.