Incident Reports – Adding Labels

Hi there and welcome to another Zero Harm video tutorial.

When you create an incident report as a manager you have the ability to assign labels to improve follow up work flows, categorise the incident or simply include extra detail to better filter your incident reports.

Click on the Incident tab from the Site Administration menu.

Click on Labels.

Here we already have a label for Property Damage. I’m going to add one for Near Misses.

You can add a description to help other managers determine what the label is best used for. Then click Save.

You can now add this Label to any new or past Incident Report. Each Incident Report can have multiple Labels attached so as to provide great customisation and filtering options.

From the main Incident page you can filter reports via one or more labels here. Add reset for additional filtering.

In the description below this video we have included examples and links of different types of Labels you may wish to use as a manager to make the review and navigation of your incident reports easier.

Thanks for watching.

Examples of Labels you may wish to use:

Workflow Labels: 

Active, Resolved, Under Investigation, Closed.

Injury Labels:

Lost Time Incident, Required First Aid.

Incident Type Labels:

Near Miss, Serious Incident, Minor Incident, Property Damage.

Root Cause Labels:

Inadequate Tools, Unsafe Action, Tools Not Available.