Getting to Your Site

Getting to your site

Need directions to your place of work? We’ll show you how you can make the most out of Zero Harm as a contractor

Video Transcript:

Hi fellow contractors,

This quick tutorial will show you some neat features in the application, which you may not have appreciated yet.

Zero Harm allows you sign in without having that task of having to find that sign in book, sign in, and then drive to your destination.
Nope, we’re done with time wasting too.

Use your Zero Harm app to sign in and head straight to your destination.

Search for the work site that you’re visiting

If you’re a returning visitor you wont have to induct again, if you’re a first time user complete the induction to continue.
For returning users, click Sign In

Read any temporary hazards or amendments, since your induction


Pretty easy hey?

No more running around to find that sign in book, now you can head straight to your destination.

While your at it, why not check the map again and see any hazards in that paddock your working in, grabbing any directions if your unsure on the location – you can even change the terrain type by clicking on the options, that way you your working on steep terrain you’ll know about it before arriving

Oh! Remember, don’t forget to sign out when you leave so you don’t worry the work site manager!

We’re certain this will save you loads of time in the long run.

Have a safe visit.