Employees Accepting their Training


Employees Accepting Training

Once training has been set up by a manager, owner or instructor the training is then in the works. Employees also have a responsibility to log into their account and approve and monitor any training they may have received.



Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to a Zero Harm Farm tutorial,

Today we will be looking at the training module from the employee’s perspective.

Training will naturally involve both verbal and physical training. The training will be set up by a farm owner or instructor and they will assign you the employee to a training subject.

Once the instructor has set up the training subject, it is important to note that the employee will have a slightly different notification system depending on if the training is in progress or finished.

To accept or acknowledge any Training which has been assigned to you, please log into the Zero harm farm app at app.zeroharmfarm.com

In th tope right you will see you name

Please click and select “My training” from the dropdown to continue

Here you will be presented with all training which has been assigned to you, as the employee you will have full access to what you accept.

For the purpose of this tutorial we have several training status types,

Finished is when the training has been set by the instructor, completed and agreed by you.

Here you can the green bubble says finished, this means that you should now have completed your training and you are good to go.

When Finished is labelled in grey like this, it means it has yet to be complete, clicking confirm on this status a new pop up box will appear, this box is important and behaves just like a signature, so please only confirm once you have truly completed any training and that you feel comfortable. If you do not it is a good idea to discuss with your instructor before proceeding.

Click confirm Status to move the training into “Finished status”

As you can see, the status has been updated and the label changed to finished. Your training is now marked as complete.

The in progress status is slightly different, and this allows you to confirm that you agree that the in progress status is in progress, this can also be useful for certain types of training such as learning to drive as it can insinuate a certain degree of usage but with it limits. This works in an identical manner and will notify the instructor.

We hope this has helped, if you have any queries please contact us on support@zeroharmfarm.com

Thanks for watching.