Emergency Procedures


Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures allow any contractor to find all available information, this can range from meeting points to emergency contact details.


Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to a Zero Harm tutorial,

Today we will be looking at the emergency procedures area. As with most features, Emergency Procedures can be accessed from the left hand menu by logging into the application at zeroharm.app

The Emergency procedures area will inform any contractors with essential emergency details a key Worksafe requirement.
Begin by visiting the Emergency Procedures link.

If you have yet to complete this section you will be automatically be taken to the editable version of the Emergency procedures, if you are returning to make any amendments please click edit at the bottom of the page to make any amendments.

The Statement area is by default filled with template text. This is populated with standard rules but it is fully editable. If you would like to add extra rules you can do so by clicking and entering text like you would do in any other text editor.

We have placed underscores where you will need to fill out your own details. We will update this section with details related to our site
“Assemble all personnel in the clearing outside of the main building”

Once you are happy with this area, proceed by filling out your local details.

Worksafe states that All workplaces are required to have procedures in place to effectively manage emergencies that could happen at work. So we highly recommend filling out these details as accurately as possible. I link can be found in this video which explains further details on this.

(local emergency contact numbers are entered)


Once you are happy with the arrangement, please click Save to store the details.

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us on directly on support@zeroharm.app and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
As always, thanks for watching and have a great day.