Why can’t I find the App in the App Store?

Zero Harm has decided not to release in native app form in order to maintain a universal experience across mobile and desktop, it also allows us to provide you with faster updates and support. You can however create a bookmark by visiting zeroharm.app on your mobile and saving it as a mobile bookmark, this will place a icon on your mobile desktop. How to add Zero Harm to my mobile desk top?

What is a Native App?
A native app is an app for a certain mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) They’re installed directly onto the device. Users typically acquire these apps through an online store or marketplace such as The App Store or Android Apps on Google Play.

Examples of native apps are Camera+ for iOS devices.

What is a Mobile Web App? (Zero Harm)
When we talk about mobile web apps we’re referring to Internet-enabled apps like Zero Harm that have specific functionality for mobile devices. They’re accessed through the mobile device’s web browser (i.e. on the iPhone, this is Safari by default) and they don’t need to be downloaded and installed on the device.